Yasuto Torami

Born in Hachinohe-shi, Aomori Prefecture,and raised in Saitama Prefecture. While studying Yamada style koto from anearly age, he also played the flute, percussion, and contrabass in brass bands inelementary, junior high, and high schools, where he absorbed Western music. Hepicked up the Tsugaru shamisen incollege, but also dabbled in Japanese drums and shinobue, displaying his lackof principles, and also took advantage of his appearance, resembling formerJapanese PM Junichiro Koizumi, to initiate "Structural Reform of JapaneseMusic Leaving No Sacred Areas." In order to convey"easy-to-understand Japanese music", he joined to form "SeshamiStreet Boys" while performing energetically. Aside from college, hecompleted the NHK Hogaku Ginousha Ikusei Kai (48th generation) with the koto.In forming its alumni association, he proposed to make the name of theassociation "ISK48" after "48th generation of theIkuseikai." but his classmates laughed and dismissed it. Perhapssurprisingly, he is also a part-time lecturer at Keio University. Currently studiesshamisen under master Takayuki Matsuda.

Favorite phrase


Legendary acts

Came up with the name "Seshami StreetBoys" as well as hardcore techniques of gymnastics + shamisen and Cossak +shamisen.

Special skills

JOJO stance, funny face, Point Search,reviewing mobile plans