We defy common sense, break down precedent,break a bunch of records,
and disgrace ourselves repeatedly.  
We are the one and only physical Tsugaru shamisen performance unit;  
we are "Seshami Street boys."

Aiming for "visually interestingshamisen" and "comical shamisen," we initiated our unprecedented"physical Tsugaru shamisen”performances in 2001. We conducted street performances in various places, andpassed the first "Heaven Artist" audition––forselecting licensed street performers who are officially recognized by the TokyoMetropolitan government. Since then, we’ve appeared on various media andparticipated in a number of events and festivals, not only in Japan, but alsoaround the globe. We captivate a ton of female fans with our warm heart andthick skin, and the age-range of our fans is pretty wide, too, from a high of100 years old to a low of 75 years old. With a combination of unique stagingthat combines legitimate Tsugarushamisen performance with comedy that everyone can laugh to, and our skill andtalking ability cultivated on the streets, we are a talented group that canoverwhelmingly excite the audience better than anybody else, regardless of theaudience's age, sex, location, and how hungry or hungover they are.  At least, we think so.

Major TV appearances

Shoten, Arabikidan, Shakīn, Route 66~KazeNo Utaga Nagareru, Takeshi's Everybody is Picasso, GAME BREAK, The StreetFighters, and a regular on "Seshami's Senbon Knock! " (SKY PerfectTV!731ch. MusicOnTV!), etc.

Major event appearances

Jadwal Akara Japan Travel Fair (Jakarta,Indonesia), SAKURA MATSURI (Washington, DC, USA), Santa Fe JIN Festival (SantaFe, USA), Artist in Piazza (Pennavilli, Italy), Wenig Fest in GroßenGarten(Hannover, Germany), The Station Inn (Nashville,USA), NIHONGO FESTA (Manila, Philippines), Hinode Power Japan (Moscow, Russia),ASAHI SUPER DRY The LIVE G SPECIAL (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan), Shami Fes(Tokyo, Japan), Pole Light / Nebuta Festival Cruise (Asuka II), Autumn Kushiro/ Hokkaido Cruise (Pacific Venus), Osu Street Performance Festival (AichiPrefecture, Japan), Sapporo Performance Carnival "Dai Don Den" (Japan/ Hokkaido) ), Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka (Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan),etc.

Major awards

Tokyo Certified Heaven Artist, NTV LicenseTrial Special Artist Award, NTV Grand Prix Special Award, Shishiku Kogen SkyFest Street Performer Festival Second Place, Tsugaru Shamisen NationalTournament Second Place, All Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament Group SecondPlace, etc.