PIerre Ono

Born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, to an untrained Doberman and a Marshall amp.  After entering a certain university, he picked up the Tsugaru shamisen in pursuit of freedom that couldn't be seen, but he quit at the same time as he dropped out of college. After that, he withdrew to his parents' house and devoted himself to research on 18th century water transportation on the Therese River. After extensive research of the literature for over a year and coming up with an inconsequential hypothesis using metaphysical methodologies, he decided to participate in "Seshami Street Boys". He studied Tsugarushamisen under master KIJI. As a Tsugarushamisen performer who holds three Tokyo-certified Heaven Artist licenses, as "Seshami Street Boys", as "Orand", and as "Sharari", he has appeared in various festivals, events, and live shows in Japan and overseas. In addition, he is involved in a wide range of activities such as teaching shamisen, composing, and recording for the movie "Zatoichi TheLast".


"Zatoichi The Last" (as ProjectWago), "Princess Connect R", YOSAKOI Mai Friends, etc.

Concert / live appearances

s Project Wa x Yo, Ryugu Waraku Yakai, Roppongi All of me club, Otemori / Mori no Hi Evening Concert, Nippon Maru Ogasawara Cruise, RWC2019 Fun Zone in Tokyo, One Piece Tower "TongariFes" 2019, Inubosaki Hotel, Juku Day Symposium 2018, Nara Hotel, etc.

Overseas performances

Republic of San Marino Japan Festival 2019, Perth Japan Festival 2019, Japan EXPO, Brazil Minas Japan Festival, SEOULFriendship Fair 2016, Dusseldorf Japan Day 2016, etc.